The Small Family Episode #1

August 28, 2010 in The Small Family

This is the house of the Small family.

It’s pretty small, with only three rooms. They feed themselves solely by the vegetables planted outside the house. They make money only by selling paintings. The only contact they’ve had is with a stray dog.

This is Andre Small.

He is the Man of the House. He married Lenora and together they have formed a cult. It is of the utmost importance that the bloodline of the family remains pure! And so, they retreated from normal society and built a house together. Then started breeding like rabbits. The plan was to have a boy and a girl, and then spend the rest of their lives painting and tending to the house.

It turns out that Lenora isn’t very fertile. It took a while before Mick came on the scene:

The instant that he dropped out of her, Andre and Lenora resumed rocking the bed back and forth. It took half a dozen attempts before she got pregnant again, but farm supplies were running low.

Eventually Rick came along.

It was chaos. They had two young children to feed, and a farm to keep track of. Worse still, they had to get Lenora pregnant again because there was no baby girl in the house.

Rick was soon old enough to help out on the farm, which was just as well because it turned out Lenora was pregnant for the third time!

It’s a girl! Baby Trixie.

At last the plan could go ahead. It was decided that Rick should be the father of Trixies future babies. Mick could just spend his life on the farm. Fortunately he was growing up big and strong.

Which is just as well. Money is lower than ever, and space is running out for the Small family. Can they survive long enough for the crop of vegetables to be ready? Only time will tell!

Here is the family tree so far.

Do you think they’ll survive until the crop is ready?