Trying to find fun

July 7, 2013 in Designer Life

I have been trying to find ways to have fun playing The Sims 3, again. Drawing BoardI have no interest in challenges, because they do tend to bore me, and I tend not to finish them anyway. But what I do enjoy is building and decorating. So I created a sim and a neighbourhood purely for that. Sarah is an interior deocrator/architect, going through the career of Architect. I already went through this with her ‘mother’, and I like it. But by the time Clara, the ‘mother’, became an elder, I was ready to start posting about it. It’s just that as an elder, you only have so little time left. Sarah was created as a clone of her ‘mother’, and I will be telling her story here. I am not sure how much of it will be story, and how much of it will be just me relaying how I played. Either way, I should have some great screenshots and something to talk about.

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