Master Suite Review

July 5, 2013 in News, Ramblings

Look in the mirrorI was very sceptical when this one came out: Sims go to the Bathroom. But it turned out it was actually the first stuff pack with some Oomph. Yes, it is all geared to bathroom stuff, and bedroom stuff, but it is all done very nicely. It’s probably because there is so little variation to start with in the base game, that each new toilet just makes you go ‘ohhh’ and ‘ahhh’. The nightwear is very impractical, but hey: this is a fantasy game, so let’s all strap ourselves in a tight corset and try to sleep before we suffocate. Still, truthfully, this stuff pack is the one you should pick up if you only pick one.

I'd rather read a bookSo there is a new bed, new shower, new outfits. Finally something fun for the grownups. Or is it? The Sims 3 is still a game that appeals to many age groups, and this stuff pack is more of a fantasy of grown up life than anything else. In some way, the ‘sexy’ women’s wear is somewhat embarrasing. Mostly because the emphasis is on the female clothes, and they’re not quite tarty enough to be funny, and not quite sexy enough to be … well, sexy. So it remains very safe to play for under 16 year olds. Then again, how can sexy clothes be a danger to under 16 year olds, with regards to playing a computer game. Many games with girls/women characters aimed at guys look far less attractive and far more tarty, and often are there solely for eye candy with even less substance than a sim-female. Yes, let’s not get into that right now. This is a totally different game.

The male sims really don’t get a lot of interesting clothes. There are some tight briefs, a smoking jacket and some tops, if I am not mistaken. Probably not many tops, because I don’t have any images of them. Male sims are often a last priority, it seems. This is why so many of my male sims have one of 3 hairstyles; the rest is often too ridiculous. But enough of the clothes.

The accessories are fun! There are plenty of new plants, new paintings and things you’d expect in a bathroom, like wet towels. It’s these little touches that can really make a sim house feel more ‘life-like’, even if sims can’t interact with decor. Most of these items have a romantic feel to them, but are easily places anywhere in the house. The wet towel also does wonders in the kitchen, I found. And the candles look just as good in a teen-girl’s room. It is because of the variation in this stuff pack that I can easily call it the most successful stuff pack so far.