About this site
On this site you can find stories created by Five and Dae of www.fiveanddae.com fame.

The stories are accompanied by screenshots of The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 by EA/Maxis.

We originally started writing Sims stories on our forum after we discovered the “inbreeding challenge” and thought it would be a challenge for ourselves to write a story about it and keep it tasteful.

Since then we’ve developed a site just for our Sims stories, and you’re looking at it right now.

Who does what
Five and Dae sit down together and come up with a Plan.  Dae starts playing the game and then they get into an Argument about what should happen.  She takes the screenshots and then Five writes the story to accompany them.

Sometimes the story develops from things that surprised us while playing the game, and in other cases we’re in complete control of what’s going on.

Five and Dae?
Five and Dae are two people, who have two computers in the same room, right next to each other. They also have a cat and a forum community made up of people almost as crazy as they are. You can find them hanging about at the forum, or you can read more about them at Five and Dae dot Com. If you enjoy this website then you more than qualify to join in with them at the forum.