HtS – No Need for You

June 22, 2011 in Heir to Spare

The next stage

After what my brother Sander told me, I had many sleepless nights. I wondered what would become of me, after my brother started his own family. I thought I had a few years to adjust and find my own way. After all, Sander liked to party and would not want to settle down quickly. Little did I know he already had chosen his beloved…

Sonya. She had already wrapped my mom around her little finger, and Sander adored her. She was wild, and crazy and was sure she’d break through in the music industry. Sander indulged her. Bought her a keyboard and payed for her music lessons. And I have to be truthfull, she was not half-bad.

Making music together

For a short time, Sander even thought he’d start a band with Sonya. But he lacked the discipline to stick with his practising.

Love blossomsSonya spent more and more time at our house. It was not long until she and Sander got engaged. I was weary of her, and scared for my own future now that Sander was so close to continuing the family line.

Wedding bells

One afternoon, after I came home fom school, Sander and Sonya got married in the backyard. Somehow, my parents had found money to finance this great big wedding. There were a lot of guests and neighbours. I was ‘reminded’ to dress in my smart clothes: Dad’s old tuxedo, terribly out of date, but at least all mine. My brother smiled at me, right after he had said his vows. For a second I thought he’d kick me out there and then…

New life

But no. I got to witness the pregnancy of Sonya to the fullest. From the weird cravings to the tantrums. And Sander adored her through it all. He talked more to the unborn child than he’d ever talked to me.

Bye brother

One day, Sonya had had enough. She’d moved all my stuff out with Sander’s help. And maybe that is what brought on the labour, I don’t know. But as I moved my stuff into the taxi, Sander rushed Sonya to the hospital. She gave birth to a son, my nephew… Brandon. Sander already planned for the second child. I felt an anger rising up in me. That second child would grow up like me… and end up being kicked out.

Arriving at the new houseWith my meagre savings I’d been able to pay for this small house. It did have everything I needed, and I knew some people were worse off then me. But a plan formed in my mind. A plan to end the line of desperation, of playing second fiddle, an end to the pain of being the spare. If not for me, than at least for my unborn nephew or niece.