Outdoor Living Stuff pack review

June 19, 2011 in News, Ramblings

Garden stuff The Sims 3After the immediate disappointment of the Fast Lane car-themed stuff pack, and the belated disappointment after Late night, I vowed not to get Outdoor Living, because a garden-themed stuff pack seemed pointless. I was right. But it made a nice addition to Generations. It takes a stuff pack and an expansion to make it feel like a substantial addition to your game.

So what is in this pack? Well, stuff for outdoor living. So you get one new chair, one new table, a few plants and some outdoor cooking stuff. Basically one barbecue, one fridge and one cooker. Yes, ONE of each. It does come with a few new lamps and a few new decoration items. And a few hottubs. But it is very, very lean.

That also means I am running out of things to say about it.Kitchen outdoors in The Sims 3 I guess it is a nice pack if you are fussy about your garden. Or if you really really like hottubs. But wait until this goes on sale for half the price. Because seriously, it is overpriced.