Behind Random Sims

Random Sims was our first story played in the Sims 3 and a return (in sim form) for several of our forum members.

It’s pretty hard to write a coherent story in the Sims 3 thanks to it’s open world mechanics, so we didn’t try too hard to plan ahead.  Nevertheless we had a great time writing stories in the new Sims environments.

We are proud to have written 50 episodes and even prouder that Random Sims features two pieces of machinima.  The first was a test to see what was possible and the result is  surreally accurate portrayal of life in the Five and Dae household, among other things.  The second video titled Much Ado about Kung Fu is one of the best pieces of work we have done in a long time.

It was decided to end the story while we still had some energy left, and so we did!

Read the first story.