HtS – No Need for You

June 22, 2011 in Heir to Spare

The next stage

After what my brother Sander told me, I had many sleepless nights. I wondered what would become of me, after my brother started his own family. I thought I had a few years to adjust and find my own way. After all, Sander liked to party and would not want to settle down quickly. Little did I know he already had chosen his beloved… Read the rest of this entry →


Heir to Spare – Introduction

June 14, 2011 in Heir to Spare

Heir to Spare - A Sims 3 story, introductionMy name is Dave Manners. I live in a house that is always being re-modeled. My parents are crazy about expanding and buying more stuff. They keep saying it is the legacy they want to leave behind. Personally, I wish they’d just spend a little more time with me and my brother.

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