Behind the Small Family

The Small Family

This story is the written account of our adventures in The Sims 2 while attempting the “Inbreeding challenge” which we read about on a sims fansite.  Sims 2 is not real, it is a computer game. We’re not condoning incest or anything like that. It’s just very challenging to play this way, and we thought it would make a fun story to share with you all. The story about The Small Family started on the Five and Dae Forum. As the story progressed, it seemed like a good idea to create a separate website for the family from The Sims 2. Read more about this website and Five and Dae here.

The Inbreed Challenge – Create a family on a plot of land, without allowing them access to the outside world for at least 10 generations.
Rules and Guide Lines
– No sim is allowed to go off the plot on their own accord.
Special dispensation is made when you run the challenge in a neighbourhood with other families and community lots. Sims from this challenge that show up on community lots should be ignored as much as possible. Children that come come along as friends from school to other lots should be sent away when they get off the bus.

  • No jobs for the sims of this family..
    No cheats allowed for money.
    No phone allowed. No ordering food/groceries allowed, if you have the Seasons Expansion Pack.
    No mods or custom items to make sim life easier.

    • Except for the InSIMinator, which will allow you to suspend or sever family ties to allow ‘inbreeding’. It will also allow you to stop children from going to school. It should not be used to alter any moods or relations between sims, other than for the purpose of breeding. It should not be used to determin sex of unborn children or to force twins.

    Play the game. That means: no returning to a previous saved game. If your family dies out, the challenge is simply over.

Guide Lines – The family should be able to sustain themselves without ordering food. Have them garden a plot of land if you have Seasons. If not, ordering food is allowed, but there should be no contact with the delivery persons. Alternatively, buying a nw fridg when the old one is empty is also allowed.
The beginning will be difficult. Start with a plot that is neither too big nor too small. The house should be big enough for one bedroom, one bathroom and a main room. Make sure you have at least one double bed and a sofa. And money left over for at least a baby cot.
Make money by selling paintings or crafts made with the work benches.

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