RandomSims Episode #1

September 9, 2010 in Random Sims

This is a story set in the Sims neighbourhood “Randomby”. It’s a brand new ‘hood created with The Sims 3.

The first family to move into Randomby is Five and Dae

They have moved into a beautiful house, and it’s a very sunny day outside. Five is a little tired from moving all the furniture in, but Dae expresses her opinion that it would be nice to take a look around Randomby instead of taking a nap.

Guess that’s decided then.

After a very quick taxi journey the pair arrive in Randomby town centre.

It’s a nice place, but it’s pretty quiet. Five and Dae decide what they want to do next.

Daenelia has the local book shop all to herself.

Whilst Five gets the chance to play outdoor chess with nobody at all.

As you can see, Randomby gets quite lonely sometimes. If you’re a member of Randomby and want us to add you to the story, then let us know.