Objects I hardly use: toddler potties

October 15, 2010 in Ramblings

The sims 3 toddler pottyWith the busy schedule and social life I allow my sims, it is amazing I let them have kids at all. But when I do, and I usually do, it isn’t until the children turn into teens that I find a use for them. Babies, toddlers and children are as useless and time-consuming as in real life. So for my young sims, life is pretty much what you make it. Entertain yourself, kids! My sim-parents rarely teach toddlers to walk or talk. And they never teach them to use the potty. Read the rest of this entry →


Objects I hardly use: washing machines and dryers

October 2, 2010 in Ramblings

Washing and drying machine in The Sims 3When I played The Sims 1, I thought that a washing machine would make the game more realistic. But when I thought about it a bit more, I realised it would only add a tedious chore to an already pretty tedious simlife. And when I had to do laundry for more than just myself, I really became grateful for escaping the chore, while playing the game.

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Objects I hardly use: cars

September 17, 2010 in Ramblings

A cheap car parked in front of a sims houseThere are two simple reasons why I don’t use cars much in The Sims 3: expense and use. Cars are too expensive and include a parking space, and they are rarely used for such an expensive object. Besides, there is a very good taxi-system, and everything is in walking distance! Read the rest of this entry →


Sims 3 Fast Lane stuff pack review

September 16, 2010 in News, Ramblings

Fashion and sofa from Fast LaneThe day the stuff pack was announced I told Five not to get this one for me. I rarely use cars in The Sims 3. I’ll talk about that in another ramble, though. And there did not seem to be a lot of items that I’d use or need. But as with all packs, from the sims 1 onwards, I felt the pull as the release date came closer. So on the day it came out, I sent Five out to get me it. I’d be damned if I payed for such a crappy accesories pack myself. Read the rest of this entry →


Objects I hardly use: radios

September 8, 2010 in Ramblings

Old fashioned radio in The Sims 3Every expansion focuses on music and its artists, as much as on the objects in the pack. But for me, the music is often an annoying side effect. Usually I’ll be listening to my personal DJ Five, who follows his instincts to pick the music for the evening. And it annoys me if the sims decide to play something that interferes with the mood. So I never give them radios, unless I really really have to. Read the rest of this entry →


The Sims 3 and us

September 3, 2010 in Ramblings

Neighbourhood in The Sims 3When The Sims 3 was announced we were just planning to get new computers, planning to move house and starting new jobs. Even though we had so much going on in our lives, I was still looking forward to the new sims game a lot. A few days before it was due to come out, Five promised to check the games store. But when he got home, he told me they were not selling it yet. I believed him. So I turned to my computer to reply on a Dutch Sims forum, being all disappointed I wouldn’t have it yet. Read the rest of this entry →


The Sims 2 and us

August 30, 2010 in Ramblings

Wedding in The Sims 2Before I met Five, I had been playing The Sims. I had all the expansions minus Makin’ Magic. Five had also been playing The Sims, though maybe a bit different from how I played. We were together when The Sims 2 was announced, and we got the sims-creating demo Bodyshop to play around with, when Five was visiting me. I did install and play it on my own once it got out. But it was so much more fun when we first were able to install it on a laptop that could actually run it smoothly. As opposed to my ancient computer. It wasn’t long before I got a new computer, specifically to run the game. Read the rest of this entry →