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Trying to find fun

July 7, 2013 in Designer Life

I have been trying to find ways to have fun playing The Sims 3, again. Drawing BoardI have no interest in challenges, because they do tend to bore me, and I tend not to finish them anyway. But what I do enjoy is building and decorating. So I created a sim and a neighbourhood purely for that. Sarah is an interior deocrator/architect, going through the career of Architect. I already went through this with her ‘mother’, and I like it. But by the time Clara, the ‘mother’, became an elder, I was ready to start posting about it. It’s just that as an elder, you only have so little time left. Sarah was created as a clone of her ‘mother’, and I will be telling her story here. I am not sure how much of it will be story, and how much of it will be just me relaying how I played. Either way, I should have some great screenshots and something to talk about.

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Master Suite Review

July 5, 2013 in News, Ramblings

Look in the mirrorI was very sceptical when this one came out: Sims go to the Bathroom. But it turned out it was actually the first stuff pack with some Oomph. Yes, it is all geared to bathroom stuff, and bedroom stuff, but it is all done very nicely. It’s probably because there is so little variation to start with in the base game, that each new toilet just makes you go ‘ohhh’ and ‘ahhh’. The nightwear is very impractical, but hey: this is a fantasy game, so let’s all strap ourselves in a tight corset and try to sleep before we suffocate. Still, truthfully, this stuff pack is the one you should pick up if you only pick one.

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Sims 3 Pets

June 14, 2013 in News

A horseSo I am giving it another try. Again. Pets, then. What about them? Well, it is an expansion I bought again. Seeing as how I bought this for the sims 2, and the sims 1. And now again, but with added horses.

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Bye bye.

June 7, 2013 in News

I am closing the blog now. You know why? Because I was suckered in again and installed updates only to have my game become so glitchy and unplayable, again. Even Twallan’s/ NRaas’s  mods cant help now. The game freezes at random, aside from new objects, I have trouble finding anything new and exciting about the content. I played sims 2, you know. I know about pets and pet rocks. Why the hell did I buy an expansion I already have for an earlier, and may I say, better incarnation of a game? I am such an idiot. I am an idiot who easily parted with her money.

Never again.



Getting nice stuff

June 3, 2013 in Ramblings

Happy sim and sofaI have always wanted to be ‘mod-free’ and not download anything from other sites. But to be fair: The Sims Resource has awesome free stuff to download from pretty cool artists. I downloaded the set Living Room Bruselas, mostly because I liked the curtains.But the whole set is great! I love the sofa, which comes in 4 parts. You can customise it any way you like. With pillows, or no pillows; it’s all good! Read the rest of this entry →


Town Life stuff pack review

June 1, 2013 in News

Town life new outfitThe last stuff pack I bought before my hiatus was a disappointment. So I had no expectations for this one. But it’s not bad. Of course, I picked this one up 2 years after it came out, at a reduced price, so I guess I am finally getting value for money. There are a few new outfits, three new hairstyles and a couple of random new objects. And: new rabbitholes for your sims to disappear into. Read the rest of this entry →


So, yes, I am back

June 1, 2013 in Ramblings

Pulling a face‘Back’ is a big word to describe going from ‘playing occasionally’ to ‘playing more regularly and updating my game again’. But I am back, in the sense that I am re-opening the blog about playing. I have been keeping a Guild Wars 2 blog for the past few months, but since we either burned out or just haven’t found the time to play it regularly, I don’t have a lot of new stuff to put there. And I do like to write about the games I play. Especially one that can give me fun images to share. Read the rest of this entry →



May 25, 2013 in Ramblings

sittingWell, after about 2 years, I got the urge to play The Sims 3 again. And so I started hunting down the stuff pack I didn’t buy: Townlife. I haven’t found it in the shops yet. The good news is, some of the stuff packs have come down in price. The bad news is, I am not sure how much in the ‘vanilla’ game (i.e. no mods from Twallen/Nraas) has been solved. I see that cars still get tucked away in sims inventories. I hope that doesnt clog things up.

I may install the Nraas mods sometime next week, after I have installed the stuff pack and Pets. I miss them already. So many nice shortcuts, so taken for granted, that I feel like I am playing a little bit of a clipped game. But so far, it only crashed to desktop twice. On loading. Because I forgot to disable the mods after updating.


Sims sizes: skinny or not skinny

June 26, 2011 in Ramblings

Skinny and not so skinny

Sims come in all shapes and sizes. I like to have a mix of sims in my game, but when reading stories and legacies I often see pictures of merely ‘pretty sims’,who bear a close resemblance in character to Mary-Sues. These sims, mostly female, are always ultra-skinny, with big heads and big eyes and big hair. And to me they all look the same. It is pure joy to find stories that stay away from cookie-cutter sims. Anyway, my point with this article is to show how great a sim can look, or how true to character, by sliding the skinny-slider more to the fat-side. Read the rest of this entry →


HtS – No Need for You

June 22, 2011 in Heir to Spare

The next stage

After what my brother Sander told me, I had many sleepless nights. I wondered what would become of me, after my brother started his own family. I thought I had a few years to adjust and find my own way. After all, Sander liked to party and would not want to settle down quickly. Little did I know he already had chosen his beloved… Read the rest of this entry →