Town Life stuff pack review

June 1, 2013 in News

Town life new outfitThe last stuff pack I bought before my hiatus was a disappointment. So I had no expectations for this one. But it’s not bad. Of course, I picked this one up 2 years after it came out, at a reduced price, so I guess I am finally getting value for money. There are a few new outfits, three new hairstyles and a couple of random new objects. And: new rabbitholes for your sims to disappear into.The outfits are a bit ‘out there’, but they are at least different from what I had so far. Variety is important in a game that is as visual as The Sims 3.

Furniture Town lifeI like that there is another modular sofa to play around with. And that there are objects for all ages and all themes. There is new sports stuff, new bookish stuff, a new sink and some outdoor play equipment for kids and the young at heart. I don’t like that there are some objects for the whole washing of clothes. I hate laundry in real life and still cannot understand why it has been added to the game.

All in all, a stuff pack worth picking up at reduced prices. And you might get lucky! If you do spot it on the shelves for a couple of euros off the original price, and you are like me, coming back to playing the game, go on: it will add new flavour to your game.