The Small Family Episode #2

August 28, 2010 in The Small Family

Things were really tough for the Small family. Food was low and their kids were causing chaos. Andre and Leonora relished the few peaceful times they had.

They turned to their oldest son Mick to help out, but he wasnt happy at all.

He just complained and complained. He just wanted to have fun, but the Small family had a constant battle for survival.

The crappy furniture was already starting to fall apart. Fortunately Leonora was handy with a spanner.

Even little Rick wanted to help with the farm. He was turning out just like his dad. Devoted to the cause, and a natural at growing vegetables. Not like his older brother Mick who just wouldnt co-operate.

Trixie was growing up fast. From the moment she could pick up a book she started learning about cooking. She had decided that just because their food supply was limited, it didnt mean that they had to have the same meal every night. .

Trixie and Rick soon became inseparable from one another. Not like Mick who still would barely spend any time with his little brother and sister. Andre and Leonora knew they had made the right decision with these two.

Suddenly Mick found a purpose for himself. He put together a workbench and started making toy robots to sell.

He was always interested in mechanics, and everyone was happy that Mick had found a way to help the family out. He even worked in the garden occasionally.

Time passed and things slowly brightened up. Andre and Rick were planting more vegetables than ever.

Rick found out that sometimes digging in the garden could cause trouble…

But all in all, things were improving day after day. Andre and Leonora could sleep easy knowing that the fridge was full and the children were growing up strong.

This was the state of the house as another winter drew upon them. A couple of extra bedrooms had been added.

And this was the family tree at the end of the second Sim-year.

And this… is Rick noticing just how fast Trixie was turning into a woman.

Of course, stability never lasts long for the Small family. What happened next?