RandomSims Episode #50

January 24, 2011 in Random Sims

And all the world will come to ruin…

Doctor Change’s robot army swarms into Randomby having been given just one directive:

“Destroy all humans!”

The citizens of Randomby stand somewhere between resolute and terrified.   Mummy curses, instant gender changes, and halves of houses disappearing, those things are normal for them.  But squads of killer robots are new to them, and these ones don’t look like friendly killer robots.

In fact they’ve already started causing wreck and ruin to the park furniture and they’re getting closer every second…

Doctor Change observes the destruction with glee, a proud father to these rusty children.

“They deserve everything they get for driving my Victoria away”

It’s only a matter of time before their first human targets wait around for long enough to become the first human victims.  Good thing it’s nobody we know, because we’d have to wait until the last episode to kill them off.

Their blood-curdling screams drown out the sounds of their blood actually curdling.

The Highwayman snaps everyone out of their daze with a single yell.

“Everyone get to safety!”

StarDust, Gimmic, and Gundam dash towards Officer Canie’s cop car to make a quick getaway.

They all get into the car which for some reason the policeman’s wife starts to drive.

Unfortunately they don’t get very far down the road before one of the robots spots them.

“Destroy all humans!”

All around town the people of Randomby are hunted down by the robots.

Most of them don’t stand a chance…

And some of them fight to the bitter end…

By the end of the day Randomby is in ruins, barely recognisable as the crazy town it used to be.

The next morning Blaaster picks himself out of the ruins of his house only to stumble across the bodies of his girlfriend Sonya and his partner-in-crime Bastian.

Naturally he holds Bastian to his breast and weeps for all that is now lost.

With no sign of robots on the streets, or anybody else for that matter, Blaaster sprints through the charred remains of the town searching for survivors.

Not far away lies the nerve centre of the Resistance, those noble survivors that have banded together to fight the good fight in the hope of one day reclaiming this town.

They are few in number, in fact that number is just seven.  But they have the resources they need to maintain their honourable struggle.

In fact Lucy has appointed herself Mayoress with Luketta as her personal assistant.  It involves a lot of pretending to be talking on a mobile phone.

With Blaaster as the newest member of the Resistance, they number a mighty eight.  But Blaaster is wracked with guilt over previously having helpt Doctor Change with his evil doings.

“None of that matters now!” reassures Raphaela.  “That’s all in the past, for now we’ve got to work together!”

“We’ll reclaim Randomby, then we’ll punish you!”

“You’re the best Raphaela!”

The Resistance quickly come up with a plan to put a halt to Doctor Change’s plan.  If they can get to one of his laboratories they might be able to find the master computer and disable the robots by switching it off.

Luketta leads Citanul, Imhotep and Blaaster to the lab where weeks ago, after a small misunderstanding, he was transformed into a woman.  They sneak inside and Citanul wastes no time shutting down the computer.

As the machines switch off Luketta feels a strange tingling sensation under her skin…

“I’m… I’m a real boy!”

“Destroy all humans!”

“…nooooooo!” screams Imhotep.

Imhotep lurches over Luke and strikes at the robot with an almighty slap.

But the lab is already surrounded by robots alerted to the intrusion…

Across town the remainder of the Resistance are checking out Doctor Change’s house which exploded back when all this trouble began.

Underneath they find a curiously evil basement.

There’s definitely something curiously evil about it’s residents.

“Ah, the Highwayman, we meet at last”

“Do you think you four losers stand a chance against my sex-bots… I mean death-bots!”

“All around you Randomby burns and yet here you are, confronting me directly”

“You must be really stupid, or else there’s another reason why you’re just standing around not saying anything”

“What is the plan exactly?  Keep me talking while somebody sneaks past me and gets to the master computer in the corner?”

“It’ll never work, you’ll never guess that my password is ‘Victoria’!”

It doesn’t take long for Spike to really screw things up.

“Destroy all… all!”

“Excuse me?”

The killer robots go berserk and start smashing the equipment in the basement to pieces.

Before anyone can escape, one of the robots knocks through one of the beams holding up the ceiling.

And hundreds of tons of concrete comes crashing down on everybody’s heads.

Doctor Change is left in the rapidly disintegrating basement with his equipment exploding all around him.

He falls onto one of his machines just as everything bursts into a bright flame that consumes everything around him…

When the dust settles, Doctor Change is gone.

Both his plans and his evil basement are in ruins.

His killer robots burn themselves out laying waste to an empty town.

For the first time since it’s residents moved in a year ago, Randomby is at peace.

And the happy ending?  Doctor Change fell onto his new teleportation machine.

And now in a world far away Changer has a second chance for happiness.

The End

RandomSims was brought to you by Five and Dae of fiveanddae.com, randomby.com and then fiveanddae.com again!

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Starring Gimmic, Canie, Odin, Spike, Lucy, Blaaster, Luke, Citanul, Ayrton, Raphaela, StarDust, Gundam, Dukat & Jadzia.

And starring Five and Dae as themselves.

RandomSims was written by Five and photographed by Daenerys.

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