RandomSims Episode #49

December 13, 2010 in Random Sims

Doctor Change is looking everywhere for Victoria but he just can’t find her.

He is keeping an eye on the streets but hasn’t spotted her yet.

He is even desperate enough to check the refrigerator in case she is hiding from him inside.

But no, he isn’t going to find Victoria today.  Instead, five minutes after giving up the search, he will find a note from her on the computer desk.

Doctor Change will read her words and be crushed inside.  He’ll find out that Victoria has returned to her own world.  Randomby just wasn’t right for her.

Sadness will quickly turn into despair, and despair will turn into anger.  For it is all Randomby’s fault that Victoria – his one chance for perfect happiness – will leave.  And Randomby will have to pay.

There will be just enough time for Doctor Change to change his costume…

Before returning to the ruined house inside which his evil plans first began.

Underneath his Secret Lab lies his Secret Basement – a dust-covered collection of Secret Equipment.  And Doctor Change will enter that basement for the first time in months, to find his tools waiting for him.

He will lock himself up in that basement, fire up his old machinery, and get to work creating life and death.

And Randomby will scream for mercy.  And there shall be none granted.