RandomSims Episode #48

November 7, 2010 in Random Sims

Randomby is safe thanks to the efforts of the Highwayman to keep the peace.

As well as joining the local fire department he has been doing good deeds all day.

Such as picking up all the gnomes that have been knocked over recently.

And helping old ladies across busy streets.

Yes, it’s been a busy day for our local hero.  It’s not easy being a one-man figurehead for truth and justice in this crazy place but somebody’s got to do it.

Today’s crises having been resolved the Highwayman retreats to his secret headquarters in the local mansion.

It only takes a complex series of hidden switches to reveal the hidden staircase leading down to the basement, and then the Highwayman is back where he belongs.

For it is down here that Ayrton dons his disguise each and every day, switching to his secret identity in order to keep the streets safe.

Since he felt the calling to become the Highwayman Ayrton has felt fulfilled in ways that his job as a bedpan cleaner never quite provided.

But he also feels a sense of foreboding, as if something terrible is going to happen and that it will be down to him to set things right.

He will maintain his vigiliance.  But for now he must rest in his basement and prepare to strike at the heart of evil when the time comes.

If only the Highwayman realised just how close he was to the heart of the problem.  That just a few metres away Doctor Change sits in the second basement, equally unaware of how close he is to the foe he is destined to meet.

Just you wait.