RandomSims Episode #46

October 21, 2010 in Random Sims

Luketta’s happy to have taught herself how to apply makeup properly.

She’s also extremely proud of having found the perfect outfit in a cardboard box she found in the attic.

Randomby better watch out, because Luketta’s out and about and she’s got style.

Seconds later there’s an ear-piercing shriek as Lucy spots the fashion monster walking past the house. She dashes out and pulls Luketta out of public view before something bad happens.

Lucy really doesn’t approve of Luketta’s style.

She lets her know just how much of a walking disaster zone she’s turned into.

Luketta just doesn’t want to hear it. Maybe being transformed into a woman wasn’t for the best after all.

But Lucy reassures her that while things may be bad right now, it isn’t too late to set things right.

Luketta is invited to step into Lucy’s makeover corner, handily scattered in the grass where half the house used to be.

“This won’t hurt a bit. Soon you’ll be the envy of all the girls in the neighbourhood”

And what do you know, mere hours later Luketta has a new style and a new outlook on life. She’ll stay hip, stylish, and ahead of the trends.

And it’s all thanks to Lucy. She’s so happy with her advice that Spike has a surprise waiting for him when he comes home from work.

The house has been rebuilt, and not with the garage, second bedroom, or bathroom that used to be there.

It’s Randomby’s first style salon.

And it’s part of Spike and Lucy’s house.