RandomSims Episode #45

October 19, 2010 in Random Sims

Victoria’s holding the baby…

Ayrton and Raphaela’s baby that is. She’s got a job as their nanny.

Which is good news for Doctor Change. He really needs a place to live, and with his girlfriend having a job at the mansion he reckons he’ll be able to find a spare room to squat in.

What Doctor Change doesn’t know is that somebody is watching him watch somebody…

Fifteen minutes later Changer has made himself at home in the basement of the manson. It’s not like Raphaela has even looked down there since she bought the place.

Doctor Change is quite happy to have some time to relax for a change. Maybe a peaceful life would be for the best now that he has a girlfriend from another dimension.

What he wasn’t expecting was a late night visit from Luke.

Luke is sick of being a kid. Maybe being young again sounds like a good idea to some people, but nobody knows what it’s like being an adult trapped in the body of a child. Especially in such a dysfunctional household.

Luke tells Changer to change him again.

Changer tells Luke that he’s is a bit tired of experimenting all the time.

Luke tells Changer that maybe they can make a deal, that maybe he’s got something for Changer that’ll make it worth his while.

Luke tells Changer that he doesn’t want to be a boy any more.

Changer tells Luke okay…

Citanul and Imhotep run as fast as they can. Everyone knows that Changer’s experiments always go wrong.

Too late.