RandomSims Episode #41

October 9, 2010 in Random Sims

“I hear you have a room for rent”

The evil Doctor Change has moved in with Spike Himself and Lucy Herself following the accident at his house. He wastes no time in redecorating his bedroom to better suit his tastes.

That afternoon, Doctor Change engages in his favourite hobby, stealthily looking through the windows of the neighbours.

He’s spotted something beautiful. A perfect gem.

It’s just what he needs to improve his time machine. If only he could figure out a way to get hold of the gem.

Doctor Change sees a very strange sight through the next window. And if he’s right, he’ll be able to profit from the situation.

Later that evening, Doctor Change meets up with Citanul in the shady bar down town, Shady Bar.

“Alright Doctor Change, you’ve got five minutes. What have you dragged me in here for?”

“I’ve got an offer you couldn’t refuse unless you really wanted to. I know you have an unhappy ghost living with you. What would you say if I told you that I could bring him back to life?”

“What are you talking about?”

“He’s got a soul, but he hasn’t got a body. All I’ve got to do is create a new body for him. And I can do that instantly. All I want in return is that perfect gem. Did you bring it with you?”

“Here, take it, just tell me what happens next…”

Next, Spike comes home from work to find Lucy serving food to a room full of guests.

After the snack, Doctor Change takes his guests up to his bedroom.

“This is the device that can bring ghosts back to life, any questions?”

“Well, yes…”

“No? Okay, here we go then”

Doctor Change proceeds to turn dials and pull levers in ways that are much too complicated to take a picture of. The change begins to take effect immediately.

In a flash, the ghost of Luke disappears and in his place stands a flesh and blood Luke. But it’s not quite what Citanul and Imhotep were expecting.