The Disaster Family Episode #26

August 30, 2010 in The Disaster Family

A (very) quiet funeral for Bleu.

Finally Beo can get some time to himself.

And the best part is, nobody will ever know.

Nobody will know that he moved the furniture that trapped Stri in the basement.

Or that he fixed up Eggnog’s computer so that it would electrocute her.

Or that he placed a lightning rod on the balcony on the night that he chased StarDust into the storm.

Or that he locked Odin outside in the freezing cold.

Or that he performed a voodoo dance that crushed Changer with hailstones.

Or that he stacked up unwashed dishes in the basement, that would attract the insects that killed Viduka.

Or that he organised a party on the very night he knew a shower of meteors would kill Rienie.

Or that he hacked into the Global Defense Network to cause a satellite to fall onto Mormegil.

Or that he pushed Ayrton into the oven.

Or that he sabotaged the lift that would kill colinski.

Or that he used his amazing talents to distract Genesis and Bleu while Sooze overheated to death outside.

Or that he created a hamster virus in his Secret Lab, which was then passed onto Genesis when she was bitten.

Or that he climbed out of the bath just as Bleu came into the bathroom.

Yes, Beo is happy that he’ll have some peace and quiet from now on.

Or, maybe it won’t be that easy.

The housemates may all be dead, but that won’t stop them seeking justice.

Beo is terrified and heads for the house.

He isn’t sticking around any longer!

The zombie housemates are disappointed.

Only one thing to do at a time like this.


And they all danced, happily ever after.

The End

The Disaster Family was brought to you by Five and Dae.

The game is The Sims 2 by Maxis / Electronic Arts

Starring Stri, Eggnog, StarDust, Odin, Changer, Viduka, Rienie, Mormegil, Ayrton, colinski, Sooze, Genesis and Bleu.

And starring BeoPuppy as himself.

Story written by Five

Camera work by Daenerys and Five

Narration by Five

Special Effects by Daenerys