The Disaster Family Episode #23

August 30, 2010 in The Disaster Family

While the housemates sleep a mysterious visitor leaves a gift for them to find.

They find the magic lamp the next morning. Bleu suggests someone rubs it “just like in the stories”

The genie appears before the housemates and grants them three wishes, one each.

Bleu approaches the Genie.

“I wish to be the richest in the land”

Now it’s Genesis’ turn to make a wish.

“I wish to be the fairest in the land”

She get’s Beo’s attention straight away.

But now it’s his time to make a wish.

“I wish to be the boldest in the land”

“Boldest, not baldest!”

Beo argues with the Genie until he agrees to let Beo’s hair grow back before he leaves.