The Small Family Episode #3

August 28, 2010 in The Small Family

When we last left the Small family, their small farm was being steadily covered by snow. It wasn’t long before the snow was ankle deep.

When morning came, no-one was happier than Trixie, who loved playing in the snow.

But no-one was more worried than Lenora.

The family couldnt plant vegetables unless the snow stopped. And if they ran out of food before the vegetables were ready…. well, it didn’t bear thinking about.

In the dark nights of winter the Small family allowed themselves one luxury, a bathtub.

After a few hot steaming baths, Lenora felt a little better.

Nobody went outside much in the snow. But Mick was the most isolated.

He spent a lot of time thinking. He knew he could never have children unless the Plan changed. But he wanted to help the family… he wanted to make them safe from the outside world.

Of course! Why didnt he think of it earlier?

Mick stayed at his workstation for a week, day and night. What was he planning?

Outside the snow continued to settle, thicker than they had ever seen before.

It was a scary time for the Small family. They only got through the last winter by chance, and now there were five grown mouths to feed. Did Mick have the answer to their troubles?

Only time will tell…