The Small Family Bloopers

August 29, 2010 in The Small Family

Sometimes it was tricky getting the Sims to do what we wanted them to do. And sometimes, something completely unexpected would happen…

The first time Dae played with a different family after we played with the Smalls, some familiar faces entered a shop!

Yes, Mick Rick and Trixie could be found shopping. They bought a coffee maker and some kitchen cupboards, but we never let them use them. We decided not to write this into the story.

This family picture might seem familiar at first glance, but look again and you might spot something strange:

Yes, that’s Patricks love Sabrina in the centre. But who the hell is that guy at the front? Well, we needed full control over Sabrina, but teens cant join a family without being accompanied by a parent, so we had to make one. He was instantly kicked out of the house and deleted. Tough luck. (Incidentally, the teen-parent requirement has affected the Disaster family too…)

This one made us laugh out loud. We summoned Mormegil for his guitar pose, but he was still wearing his fancy dress!

Fortunately he brought his old clothes with him.

Well, thats about it. I’ll end with a picture of the shed as it should have been decorated after the Wallpaper Competition.

Thankyou, and goodnight.