The Small Family Episode #44

August 29, 2010 in The Small Family

With no fertile women left in the family, the Small family was forced to come to a close.

Andre, Lenora, Mick, Rick, Trixie, Cliff, Sue and Ed had all died for their beliefs. But all good things come to an end.

Through the generations the Small family had struggled to survive…

They laughed and they cried…

And their prosperity rose and fell…

“Until the Small family was no more. Sue and Ed were the last generation to remain faithful to the cause”

“They never knew what happened to their runaway children”

“Because for Ed and Sue, the disappearance of Cathy was the disappearance of hope”

“This marks the end of the tour. Ladies and gentlemen, I hope had a great time listening to the story. Please file out in an orderly manner”

The End?


The Sims 2: Inbreeding Challenge was created by Five and Daenerys using The Sims 2 by EA/Maxis

Camera: Daenerys

Narration: Five