The Small Family Episode #43

August 29, 2010 in The Small Family

Guardian continued to sit outside the house night and day, oblivious to the events around him. He missed Cliff.

And Cathy missed Patrick.

But Sue and Ed weren’t moping around. They knew they had to act fast. Sue switched on her sewing machine and got right to work.

That night Cathy’s parents cornered her and told her how happy they were that she was growing up so fast.

In fact, they had a gift for her to celebrate her imminent womanhood.

It was a wedding dress.

Thats right, Ed was going to marry Cathy on her first day of being an adult.

The next morning the livingroom was decorated for the wedding and Ed was in his best suit.

He walked to Cathy’s bedroom to fetch his new bride.

But she wasn’t there!

Just moments ago she had been drawn to the balcony by the sound of a kind of music she had never heard before.

She spotted where the music was coming from and went to investigate.

Cathy wasn’t sure who the stranger was, but she knew she had never heard anything so beautiful.