The Small Family Episode #42

August 29, 2010 in The Small Family

Cliff was found dead on the patio outside the house. It looked like he had fallen off the balcony.

The funeral was a silent one. Cathy was the first one to realise what she had lost.

And the realisation that he had lost another son struck Ed.

But nobody would talk to each other.

As night fell Guardian didn’t want to come into the house. He placed a certain bunch of flowers by Cliff’s grave and mourned as much as a robot could.

Ed was elsewhere, staring into the night sky, feeling totally lost.

Sue had fallen asleep on the sofa. She was awoken from a dream about her grandfather by a ghostly chill.

She was now an elder just like Ed.

He finally came back into the house, and found Sue’s hug waiting for him.

Maybe things had gone terribly wrong for the Small family.

But Ed and Sue knew that the plan wasn’t over yet.