The Small Family Episode #40

August 29, 2010 in The Small Family

Patrick was gone. The family woke up the next morning and couldn’t find him anywhere.

It was too much stress for poor old Guardian.

As Cliff fixed him up, the rest of the family realised the truth. Even Cathy didn’t believe her brother would have gone through with it.

Sue realised that she and Ed would have to initiate Plan B. Cliff would have to replace Patrick as the father of Cathy’s future children.

The problem was that neither Ed nor Sue had made any attempt to nurture close feelings between Cliff and Cathy, and that had to change fast. Cliff was nearly a grown man and Cathy was racing through her teenage years.

Sue took Cathy aside and to have a chat with her.

And then Ed had breakfast with her and Cliff, to make sure things were civil between them.

The plan was working perfectly. Cliff even enjoyed spending some time with Cathy in the twins shed.

Sue and Ed were relieved – surely everything would go right after all!

Wouldn’t it?