RandomSims Episode #44

October 18, 2010 in Random Sims

Changer is trapped in another world, a world that he doesn’t like one bit.

The town he found himself in is cute and colourful and all kinds of other horrible things.

Changer didn’t waste any time in looking for an exit. But the only way out of town was blocked off and he couldn’t figure out how to get through.

He soon tried to make contact with the other people who live in this place. Changer seemed to be speaking the wrong language to them, because he could never get any sensible answer to where he was or how to get back home.

In a quiet corner of the town Changer found a house which didn’t quite match the colour and the cheer of the rest of the neighbourhood.

Indoors sat a sombre-looking girl who gloomily introduced herself as Victoria. Changer could tell right away that Victoria would rather be somewhere else. Anywhere else but this place.

The days passed like minutes. It wasn’t long before Changer decided to make a home for himself. Had he given up trying to escape?

Although the length of time he’d spent in the cartoon world threatened to drive him crazy, just being able to see Victoria every day kept him from the brink of insanity.

Soon a bond grew between them. Changer didn’t know how long it had been since he first met her, but by now he felt like he’d known her for years.

Every second that he was apart from Victoria, he was thinking of her. But what Victoria didn’t know was that every second that they were together, he was hatching an escape plan for the both of them.

For the evil genius Doctor Change wasn’t prepared to spend the rest of his life in this hell hole. He’d come to understand the way this world ticked, and how to manipulate it.

Eventually the day came when Changer had constructed a machine capable of reversing the changes that had happened to him.

He walked silently into Victoria’s house and stared into her vacant eyes.

“I’m going home my love, and I’m taking you with me”

Changer couldn’t tell whether or not Victoria understood what he was saying to her. But a moment later it didn’t matter.

He was back where he belonged. And he wasn’t alone.

For everyone else in Randomby, hardly any time had passed at all.

Doctor Change picked up the gem and walked away hand-in-hand with Victoria.