RandomSims Episode #43

October 14, 2010 in Random Sims

Doctor Change and the Changelings are ready to rock.

Two of the most evil sims Randomby has to offer; Blaaster and Bastian, have been secretly recruited by Doctor Change as his newest henchmen.

The Doctor has instructed them to run rampant through the neighbourhood, stealing electronics as they go. For to complete his dastardly plan, Doctor Change will need a lot of spare parts.

And so under the night sky they begin to prowl, determined to do their masters’ bidding.

Never have the residents been so plagued by strangers staring through their windows at the treasures within.

The harvest is complete and Doctor Change is more than happy with the results.

He dismisses his loyal henchmen and sits alone in his headquarters, which is still the bedroom he is renting from Spike and Lucy.

It is time to get to work on his second time machine. He has all the parts he needs including the perfect gem that he acquired from Citanul.

All through the night the Doctor slaves away. He is determined to make things work this time.

It is the early hours of the morning and finally his creation is complete. As day breaks, Doctor Change actives the time machine and stands back.

The gem begins to glow as around him changes begin to take effect…

And half of Spike and Lucy’s house just disappears at an inconvenient moment. No explosion, no strange sound effects. It’s just gone.

Doctor Change is no longer in Randomby.

He is somewhere else.