Sims 3 Fast Lane stuff pack review

September 16, 2010 in News, Ramblings

Fashion and sofa from Fast LaneThe day the stuff pack was announced I told Five not to get this one for me. I rarely use cars in The Sims 3. I’ll talk about that in another ramble, though. And there did not seem to be a lot of items that I’d use or need. But as with all packs, from the sims 1 onwards, I felt the pull as the release date came closer. So on the day it came out, I sent Five out to get me it. I’d be damned if I payed for such a crappy accesories pack myself.

So I installed it, and saw the cars, and the clothes and hair for the sims… and then. Nothing. Building up a relationship with your car was one of the options. It takes a long long time and lots of driving around to make your car your friend. So far, I have not managed it. Maybe because I don’t use cars a lot. And apart from the clothes, hair and assorted items there is nothing in the stuff pack that made me whoop with joy.

Are you a huge automobile fan? Then maybe this pack holds some interest for you. But at 20 euros this pack is slightly overpriced. So next time, I am going to make Five sign a contract NOT to get me a useless stuff pack. Most of the interesting upgrades will be included in a patch anyway, to keep your game compatible with stuff from the store. But don’t be fooled into thinking stuff packs like this are adding anything of worth to your sims 3 game.

Fast Lane for The Sims 3 is a good example of how EA makes you want something you don’t really want.  Unless cars are an integral part of the way you play the game, stay away from this stuff pack. Your money would be better spent on a future expansion, or on a set in the store that you really do want.